Security hole allows anyone to hijack your Skype account

It looks like Skype has another big hole in their security. According to reports, a security hole makes Skype accounts vulnerable to hijacking. The security hole allows unauthorized users with knowledge of your Skype-connected email address to change the password on your Skype account, thus gaining control of it. Continue reading

Exploiting Google persistent XSS vulnerability for phishing


Yesterday we have reported that How Bug Bounty programs can play unfair with hackers and researchers, where hackers are submitting their legitimate findings to companies and no surprise if they are getting replies that “Someone else already reported this, you are not eligible for Bounty“. But the main issue is, if companies are really aware about the issue, then why they have not fixed it yet ?

Today we are going to Talk about Google, that How a ignored vulnerability can be brilliantly crafted and exploited by Hackers for phishing users. Continue reading

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Rumors on twitter the bad kind of journalism

Egyptians Celebrate The First Anniversary Of The Revolution In Tahrir Square

It’s been a busy year. My Twitter feed keeps me informed as news breaks, and I’ve been lucky to have a front row seat to many big stories this month. Here are a few:

  • The death of actor Morgan Freeman.
  • Teen sensation Justin Bieber’s cancer diagnosis (and encouragement of head shaving in unity).
  • The death of pop singer Ke$ha.
  • The “remembrance” of Paul Davis/Todd Jones, “The Navy Seal that killed Osama Bin Laden.”
  • Sharks swimming in the New York subway system.
  • Samsung paying the patent infringement damages to Apple in change.
  • The death of Bill Nye
… And really, the list goes on.
You may have guessed that this is a string of recent events vigorously propagated through Twitter that were subsequently proven false.

Granted, false information spreading like wildfire throughout all corners of the Internet is not a novel concept nor one that is particularly unique to the fast-paced and constant information stream of Twitter Continue reading

Apple New Chip ? The Buzz for apple fans


I remember a friend who was working for an independent Apple retailer when Apple made the switch from PPC to Intel. This was back in 2005, and there was a great buzz in the community about how great a change it was.How it might make Apple computers more affordable, how it might increase compatibility and cross-platform opportunities for Mac users, and how it would simply be a much better world with Apple using Intel chips. But there was also a great deal of buzz around existing Macs becoming legacy machines far earlier, that compatibility issues with existing Mac software would arise, and that it would turn Apple into just another run-of-the-mill computer manufacturer. Continue reading

Anonymous Compromised CIA Director Email

CIA Director was uncovered when a woman described as close to him received harassing emails and complained to authorities. The FBI traced the emails and found that they had been sent by Paula Broadwell, who wrote a highly favorable book on the former Army general’s life and work. While initially investigating the reports, the FBI feared the CIA director’s personal email account may have been hacked, Continue reading