Samsung printer having secret admin account Backdoor

US CERT warn about Some Samsung printers, including models the Korean company made for Dell, have a backdoor administrator account coded into their firmware. Continue reading


Rumors on twitter the bad kind of journalism

Egyptians Celebrate The First Anniversary Of The Revolution In Tahrir Square

It’s been a busy year. My Twitter feed keeps me informed as news breaks, and I’ve been lucky to have a front row seat to many big stories this month. Here are a few:

  • The death of actor Morgan Freeman.
  • Teen sensation Justin Bieber’s cancer diagnosis (and encouragement of head shaving in unity).
  • The death of pop singer Ke$ha.
  • The “remembrance” of Paul Davis/Todd Jones, “The Navy Seal that killed Osama Bin Laden.”
  • Sharks swimming in the New York subway system.
  • Samsung paying the patent infringement damages to Apple in change.
  • The death of Bill Nye
… And really, the list goes on.
You may have guessed that this is a string of recent events vigorously propagated through Twitter that were subsequently proven false.

Granted, false information spreading like wildfire throughout all corners of the Internet is not a novel concept nor one that is particularly unique to the fast-paced and constant information stream of Twitter Continue reading

Internet in Arab World a Growing Econonmy

100 million Internet users, 286 million phone users, and a three trillion dollar economy.

These are the three numbers that anyone should remember when looking at the Internet and technology opportunities in today’s Arab world.The Arab world is made of 350 million people spread between 22 countries from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf sharing one language and tight cultural and entertainment affinities. Continue reading